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Available Training

200 Hr Yoga Training

Embody Your Authentic self

Discover Freedom

Step into Alignment

Rooted in yoga philosophy,

infused with trauma-informed practices, saturated with science, and spirituality,

in a supportive sacred space,

this program is like no other.

Designed to empower you by deepening your understanding of yoga while supporting you in your growth and transformation.


You will gain a new level of understanding of yoga and yourself. Each week you will discover a deeper connection to the true self within you and you will begin to authentically express yourself in new ways.

By the end of this program, you will feel an amazing shift in your yoga practice and your life. 



Techniques, Training,

& Practice

*Hours of exclusive Yoga Practice

*Breathing Teachniques

*Vinyasa & Restoratice Yoga

*Meditation & Yoga Nidra

*Alignment, Assisting & Cueing

*Yoga Props


Teaching Methodology


*How to incorporate themes

*Group classes vs Workshops

*Private Sessions

*Connecting to your Authentic Voice

Yoga Philosophy

& Life Style

*History of Yoga

*Yamas & Niyamas Deep Dive

*Yoga Sutras

*Sanskrit Exploration

*Ethical Guidelines of a Teacher

*Mala Creation


*Basics of Trauma-Informed Care

*How trauma effects the brain

*Physiology of Stress

*12 Principles of Trauma-Informed Growth

*Best Practices for Teaching Trauma-Informed Yoga

Service Anatomy & Physiology

*Dynamics of Breathing

*Musculoskeletal System

*Nervous System

*Polyvagal Theory

*Yoga & the Spine

*Body Systems & yoga

Diversity & Inclusion

*How to make your classes more accessible

*Adaptive Teaching

*Understanding Diversity

*How to teach to different Trauma-Informed Audiences

Trainng Dates

 Live SaturdayTrainings

 9 am-12 pm & 1 pm-4 pm EST


Thursday, March 16th, 6-8 pm

⭐️Saturday, March 18th, 2023

⭐️Saturday, April 15th, 2023

⭐️Saturday, May 13th, 2023

⭐️Saturday, June 17th, 2023

⭐️Saturday, July 22nd, 2023

⭐️Saturday, August 12th, 2023



The entire program is online and all content will be delivered that way.


All live meetings will be held on zoom.


Weekly pre-recorded lessons will become available each week within the training portal.


One-on-one coaching sessions will be on zoom or over the phone.

**Bonus! All live trainings will be recorded for you to review later or catch up if you had to miss it

Training Dates

Weekly Pre-Recorded Lessons:

Each week there will be pre-recorded training videos that open.  

These can be done in your own time.

Live Thursday Evenings

6 pm-8 pm EST

Starting Thursday, March 16th, 2022 through Thursday, August 17th,

we will meet live on zoom. 

We will not meet on:

4/13, 5/11, 6/15, or 7/16. 

Forward Fold

Yoga Deep Dive


For the person who wants to:

Deep dive into yoga 

Learn more about yoga philosohy

Find their authentic self

Reset their mindset

Find a supportive community

Discover personal freedom

Investment: $2,500

Deposit: $500 at Sign Up

Payment Plan Options

(2,6, or 12 installments)

Online Meditation

Teacher Certification


Deep Dive Plus:

Learn to teach Yoga, Meditation, and/or Yoga Nidra

Design classes & workshops

Practice Teach 

Complete graduation requirements

Receive Yoga Alliance Certification

Investment: $3,000

Deposit: $500 at sign up

Payment Plan Options

(2, 6, or 12 installments)

*Each trainee has the option to do the fast track or extended track of training.*

Fast Track: Participate in Saturday and Thursday evening trainings during Spring 2023 session. (6 months)

Extended Track: Participate in either Saturday or Monday trainings during spring 2022 session and participate in the other part of training during the 2024 session. (1.5-2 Year)


Fast Track: Full payment is required within the 6 months time frame. 

Extended Track: Half is due in the first 6 months and the other half is due in the second 6 months.

**Scholarships Available.  Inquire for details (**

***Balance must be paid in full to receive certificate***

Meet The Trainers

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Lead Trainer

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Lead Trainer

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Diversity & Inclusivity Trainer

Yoga Alliance Certified


This training is certified with Yoga Alliance. That means you will be able to register with Yoga Alliance at the completion of the 200-hour program. This will allow you to receive a national registration with Yoga Alliance as a 200 HR RYT.

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