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About Be With

Be With was started to meet the needs of individuals who were seeking healing from trauma and life experiences. When options such as talk therapy, yoga, meditation, and bodywork are not trauma-informed they fail to meet the needs of the person suffering and oftentimes are re-traumatizing. Instead of being part of the solution, they add to the pain and suffering. Healing from conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress (PSTD & CPTSD), anxiety, depression, and burnout requires more than just talking things through or a few yoga classes. The mind, body, and spirit all need to be healed in a safe environment with support from a like-minded community for an individual to live their healthiest life, but there wasn't a program or organization that offered integrated healings on all levels, so I created Be With.

My Mission

Empowering people by normalizing the human experiences of trauma through education, support, and community.

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About Me


Creator & Founder

Master Facilitator

Coming from an eclectic background, Nicole creates a safe container to explore any area of wellness that is stagnant, stuck, or causing challenges in the overall wellness of the client. A Veteran, a graduate of the school of hard knocks, with a career of over 15 years in business, health, and wellness, Nicole meets clients where they are and supports them in the changes they want to make, their goals, and opportunities to grow. With a deep passion for supporting others, Nicole's passion is breaking the stigmas around mental health, trauma, and empowering people by normalizing the human experience. 


*ICF Professional Certified Coach*

*National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach*

*Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach* 

*Somatic Coach*

*Trauma-Informed Certified Coach*

*Trauma-Informed Relationship Coach*

*Somatic Experiencing Beginner*

*500HR Certified Yoga Teacher*

*Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor* 

*Certified Curvy Yoga Instructor*

*Certified Yogastrologer®*

*Mental Health First Aid* 

*Community Resilience Model®* 

*Heart Math Add Heart® Facilitator*

*Certified Crystal Reiki Master* 

 *Usui Reiki Master* 


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