Our Story

Be With was started to meet the needs of individuals who were seeking healing from trauma and life experiences. When options such as talk therapy, yoga, meditation, and bodywork are not trauma-informed they fail to meet the needs of the person suffering and oftentimes are re-traumatizing. Instead of being part of the solution, they add to the pain and suffering. Healing from conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress (PSTD & CPTSD), anxiety, depression, and burnout requires more than just talking things through or a few yoga classes. The mind, body, and spirit all need to be healed in a safe environment with support from a like-minded community for an individual to live their healthiest life, but there wasn't a program or organization that offered integrated healings on all levels, so we created Be With.

Our Mission

Empowering people by normalizing the human experiences of trauma through education, support, and community.

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Meet Our Facilitators


Nicole Shackelford

Creator & CEO

Nicole is a Baltimore-based yogini specializing in trauma-sensitive yoga. She is a registered 500hr (RYT) yoga teacher certified in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Aerial Yoga, Curvy Yoga, and Yogastrology®. Passionate about offering tools of healing, she is also a Y12SR Leader, Mindful Resilience Ambassador, and a Warriors at Ease Level 1 Instructor. Nicole offers additional tools for healing and resiliency as a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Community Resilience Model Instructor, and Wellness Catalyst Coach.

*500HR Certified Yoga Teacher*

*(200HR E-RYT)* 

*Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor* 

*Certified Curvy Yoga Instructor*

*Certified Yogastrologer®*

*Certified Integrative Nutrition

Health Coach* 

*ACE Certified Health Coach*

*Precision Nutrition Level 1*

*ICF Associate Certified Coach*

*Mental Health First Aid Instructor* 

*Community Resilience Model® Instructor* 

*Heart Math Add Heart® Facilitator*

*Certified Crystal Reiki Master* 

 *Usui Reiki Master* 



Katie Bock

Yoga Teacher & Facilitator

Katie started her yoga journey in 2009 with prenatal yoga. She was so empowered by the practice it transformed her life. After that, she knew yoga was a part of her life’s purpose. Over the years yoga and meditation have empowered her to live life freely. She began her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2014 and she has been teaching yoga since. Today she has taught 1,000 plus hours of yoga classes, workshops, training and private sessions. She is well versed in vinyasa, restorative and aerial yoga as well as meditation and Yoga Nidra. Her passion is to empower you to live life in your way free and fulfilled.


Nowadays she is an Intuitive Spiritual Guide and Mindset Coach. She combines yoga, meditation, mindset tools, and energy work to help women reset their mindset and connect to their authentic self. Her mission is to help you discover alignment and live fearless, free, and fulfilled.

*200HR Certified Yoga Teacher (200HR E-RYT)* 

*Maryland Licensed Massage Therapist* 

*Certified Holistic Health Coach* 

*Baltimore Barre Certified* 

*Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor* 

*Crystal Reiki Master* 

 *Holy Fire/Usui Reiki Level III Master* 

*Certified Mental Health First Aider* 


Dee Satterfield

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Dee is an activist in her community she became inspired by Yoga’s transforming ability to release hurt, pain and disappointments and replace it with love, compassion and understanding of oneself .She believes that yoga is an everyday practice on and off the mat . She believes being true to yourself and services to others is the highest form of love to the universe. Dee began seriously practicing yoga in 2013 after needing a spiritual cleanse. She understands loving and accepting your body image is the greatest thing one could discover. Her training has consisted of 200 YTT at Charm City Yoga, 500 YTT at Yogaworks under the guidance of her Guru Kim Manfredi., 100 Training in Pranayama (breath work) and 10 year or mediation work. Dee continues to practice with the mindset that you never stop learning, growing and developing your connections.


Kim Driscoll

Yoga Teacher & Coach

Kim believes each of us has the power within us to unlock and empower the best version of ourselves! She transformed her own health and mindset through a focus on healthy habits for the mind & body and is passionate about sharing these principles and tools to help others unlock and empower this same freedom for themselves.


Kim works with individuals and groups in various ways. She is a Health Coach, Life & Empowerment Coach, and Leadership Coach, as well as a yoga teacher and public speaker. She works with clients to help them find purpose, confidence, fulfillment, and joy by incorporating goals and habits focused on growth mindset and living in a state of gratitude.



When she is not coaching you can find her hiking the trails, walking her dog, or taking a boot camp style class. She loves staying active, trying out new healthy recipes, and soaking up self-development books and programs to continue her growth journey and share it with others.

*200HR Certified Yoga Teacher*

*Certified Health Coach* 

*Life & Engagement Coach in training*

*Certified Mental Health First Aider* 

Amber Headshot.jpeg

Amber St Clare

Ayurvedic Health Counselor 

Amber studied religion, history, multicultural, and gender studies at CSU Chico and is certified in several alternative healing practices and bodywork.  Amber has been offering her services as an alternative health care provider, Ayurvedic Practioner, bodyworker, yoga instructor, herbalist and so much more, she is also on staff at both the Phoenix Nest Community Project and the Eternal Wellness spa.  She enjoys yoga, paddle boarding, cooking, gardening, and being outdoors.  Amber supports and believes in Tiny Pine Foundation’s mission of compassion, kindness, and hope and is honored to be a part of the Board of Directors.

*200HR Certified Yoga Teacher * 

*Clairvoyant Chakra Illuminations* 

*Certified Yogastrologer®*



*Alchemical Healer* 


 *Holy Fire/Usui Reiki Level III Master* 

*Certified Mental Health First Aider* 

Denise Headshot.jpeg

Yoga Teacher & Facilitator

Denise is married and has four incredible kids who came by way of adoption. She is a special needs mom and advocates for her two kiddos with autism, one of whom is also intellectually disabled. Denise serves her community in multiple capacities. Her greatest passion is to support those who feel unseen, unheard, or unloved. Denise has used the TIMBo program for many years in her own healing journey of childhood trauma and teaches these same tools and knowledge to all who will listen. She is currently working on her undergraduate degree and is a forever student of the University of Life!

*200HR Certified Yoga Teacher in training* 

*TIMBO Facilitator* 

*Certified Mental Health First Aider*